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Making the Most of Your Conservatory · The Answer is a Conservatory Conversion

Rainhill UPVC have converted conservatories into beautiful, useful, new living spaces for customers throughout Prescot, Rainhill, Whiston, St Helens, Huyton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Halton and Merseyside. Here’s some reasons why;

Why a Conservatory Roof Conversion

Traditional conservatories required at least 75 percent of their roof and 50 percent of their walls to be constructed from transparent glazing. This would allow homeowners to attach a conservatory onto their home without having to consider nor comply with building regulations. Over the past few decades this has resulted in thousands of homeowners constructing glass or polycarbonate conservatories, these conservatories tend to become incredibly hot during the summer and cold throughout the winter.

Solid Conservatory Roof Conversion

An increase in changing traditional conservatories into more useful and attractive ‘living spaces’ has increased the demand for more innovative solutions, where traditional conservatory construction is concerned. A solid roof conversion to your existing conservatory could be the answer, this simple, straightforward solution can change the whole feel of your current conservatory, creating a new ‘space’ in your home that you never realised you had, ready for a range of uses for you and your family.  

Conservatory Tiled Roof Conversion

Today, many homeowners are seeking a replacement for their conservatory roof. Roof tiles, which are often manufactured from an innovative plastic, are said to be warmer and more durable. Conservatory roof tiles, in some cases combined with roof windows can produce a feeling of space but bring the benefits of all-year round use.   

Conservatory Glass Roof Conversions

Although a portion of homeowners are passionate advocates of traditional glass and polycarbonate, which do offer their own benefits and today there are a choice of design solutions. Please ask for details

Conservatory Roof Replacement

What are the Benefits of Replacing My Conservatory Roof?

Replacing your conservatory roof is an excellent way to breathe new life into your home and is far more cost-effective than replacing the whole conservatory. Thanks to the increased energy efficiency of modern materials, you could save up to £200 per year on utility bills according to an independent study by AECOM. As well as saving you money on energy bills, a conservatory with a modern roofing solution will add value to your home and help to entice future buyers.

Conservatory Roof Conversion Cost

Our customers are often trying to answer a simple question – ‘is a conservatory roof replacement worth it?’ With several conservatory roof replacement options on offer, however, trying to find an answer can be daunting. We can help, contact us today for a FREE, NO OPBLIGATION quote, either phone or WhatsApp us or complete the quick quote form and we’ll contact you to discuss your ideas and requirements   

What Will My Conservatory Conversion Look Like

Take a look at some of the examples on this page, alternatively why not call us on 0151 426 5104  or click here to arrange a FREE, no obligation quote to convert your conservatory.

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